Kansas Supreme Court Decisions, October 21, 2022

21 Oct 2022 2:23 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Case No. 124,956:  In the Matter of Jack R.T. Jordan

Case No. 124,956 archived oral argument

The Supreme Court ordered the disbarment of Jordan, a North Kansas City, Missouri, attorney admitted to practice law in Kansas in 2019.

The Court agreed with a recommendation from a Kansas Board for Discipline of Attorneys panel and the Disciplinary Administrator's Office that Jordan should be disbarred for misconduct during federal court proceedings initiated to obtain a document known as the "Powers email" under the federal Freedom of Information Act. Across various pleadings, Jordan persistently accused multiple federal judges of lying about that email's contents, lying about the law, and committing crimes, which included conspiring with others to conceal the document.

The Court found that Jordan engaged in serious misconduct that included making frivolous claims, disobeying obligations under tribunal rules, making false or reckless statements regarding the qualifications or integrity of judges, and committing conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice and conduct adversely reflecting on a lawyer's fitness to practice law. Jordan denied the allegations, arguing discipline could not be imposed because the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protected his statements. He also claimed his assertions have not been proven false.

 In a unanimous decision, the Court set out the panel's detailed factual findings and conclusions and Jordan's challenges to them. The Court determined clear and convincing evidence established Jordan's multiple violations of the Kansas Rules of Professional Conduct and held that disbarment is appropriate.

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